Tuesday, July 22, 2008

single speed shenanigans

i'll be the first to say riding with only one gear is pretty dumb. i mean, why struggle in one gear when you can have 20, 27, 30 or more gears??

after much thinking (which can be quite dangerous in here) and much questioning, i have come to think that it's not such a bad idea...in training. matt keevan really got the ball rolling for me. then, dan gives me the song and dance regarding his new trek 96'er and how great it is and how strong he's been feeling after riding it. ok, ok, i get it, i get it. pushing one gear can be hard on the quads, but hard on the quads can make one stronger. duh. even a dopey guy like me can understand that.

so, after letting a beat up 2001 homegrown fester in my basement for 6 months, i finally scrounged together the parts to assemble it as a single speed. it's been re-FURBY-ished, so to speak, given that i practically stole this old thing from the king Furby himself and gave it a new life as the bottom of my bike totem pole. i'm going to start using it sparingly when i have the time and more as the winter approaches. if it goes well, i'll consider a more permanent training tool, maybe one with those dreaded big wheels, as my single speed. if i do, there is going to be a fire sale of epic proportions around here, bike-wise.

so many bikes, so little time.

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