Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wednesday night ride, second edition!

i was prepared to do the tuesday night crit last night, but i backed out do to the weather. it rained hard during the day, cleared a bit, and then rained hard again right before i was going to leave the store and head back home to suit up. i thought that it must surely be raining in the lovely carondolet park, too. today, i hear they raced under dry skies. sigh.

so tonight i had some riding to do. i had to make up for not racing. so anthony and i embarked on the wednesday night ride, edition number two. this wednesday, we were joined by devlin and none other than shawn o'neal. any ride with shawn promises to be a hard one. he doesn't have such things as easy days, nor does he use a little chainring.

devlin hung in about 30 minutes, but hills are his nemesis and we were hittin the hills...and the flats, and the downhills, and the turns...

it was fun and hard. we rode about 35 miles and pretty much let shawn pull as hard as he wanted to, which is pretty hard. when we have more daylight, we'll mix it up and kick the route up a notch.

i've got to do more group rides. there is nothing like being pushed by other riders.

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