Thursday, April 24, 2008

such controversy

the wagon a man oughta have...

well, i have to say the FWMR post from monday has gotten more comments than any post i have ever done. i've posted the ones that are nice and constructive. i deleted the ones that called me names for picking american cars, the ones that called me various names questioning my sexuality, and the ones that just called me assclown. what? why the hate? don't like, don't read! jeez!

anyway, it gives me all that much more pleasure to talk about the subject, then.

we all have to remember the FWMR's purpose: family, cargo, mileage, fun. pretty much in that order. neumann knows what's best for a man...the dodge magnum. why, there hasn't been such a manly car since, well, since ever! and it's got to have the hemi. maybe even the 6.1 hemi. but i gotsta remind neumann (and some of the others that called me names) that 3rd on the criteria list is mileage ($3.49 a gallon, and worldwide that's cheap!) and that trumps fun and manliness couldn't even be put on the list.

why no mazdaspeed3? why no caliber srt? why no gti? number two on the list, cargo. the hhr is a small suv type thing with a large cargo area, especially with seats folded. bigger, by quite a margin, than the other super fun cars i just listed. and, again, the turbo is something that can be fun yet more economical if you keep your foot out of it.

i think the trend is going towards my needs. the suv/crossover (hate those names) offerings are going for smaller yet more space efficient shapes and sizes. and v6's (which i've always considered to be a compromise) are giving way to turbo 4's. i guess my hhr posting wasn't very clear: i'm not buying one today, i'm just beginning to search out the possibilities.


neumann said...

I get the same negative comments from all the dudes with complexes in my Jeep club when I mention a wagon. That's fine.

The 6.1 HEMI would be loads of fun but the misses is balking at it. Fortunately for me, she's not aware of the 5.7 HEMI that's available. The ONLY reason I'm considering one is because I'm able to walk to work. Although that 3.5 motor might not be horrible. I'm still gonna drive the Speed3 though. Same for the Forester XT. Only because I don't have any offspring to pile into it. Just a looney dog.

Dan Schmatz said...

I had one of those as a rental and wasn't super excited about it. Then I rode in a friends with all the good stuff and it was a lot quicker but still felt like a sled which makes sense because it pretty much is a sled.

You need to drive myriams allroad.

Matt said...

I thought this was going to be about the centerline rule!

Anonymous said...

i know you love american cars, but, the subaru outback is the best wagon for the money, period.

awd, good gas, safe and all for a base of $23+K.


Anonymous said...

or forester....

all come in some b.a. turbos too.