Sunday, April 27, 2008

tour of st. louis, forest park

photo courtesy of john at

a race i'd rather forget about, forest park has never been my favorite. it's rained on my race there twice in the last 3 years. not that the rain factored into my race, though. oh, no. the only thing i can say about my race is that it was rotten.

we, and i say that with all do respect to my tough thf teammates, got in the break and got another good result today. again, no thanks to me. the wonderful photo above shows me just behind none other than brad huff, flanked by more of my friends, nate, kevin eubanks, and kurt fletcher. don't get excited. my proximity to brad and company has no indication whatsoever on how bad i was.

are you getting the feeling that i sucked today? good. i hope you do. cause i did.

strange, because i set 30 minute and 60 minute power records today during the race. that must mean that i was doing my usual stupid cornering, stupid half-wheeling, stupid letting-the-wheel-go riding style that gets me no where but off the back.

the only good thing that happens after a good road race beating is that my off-roading usually goes stellar...and today i got a good freaking beating.


Schvonzie said...

TK doesn't like two things. Cold and Rain. Today was 2 for 2. Don't worry about it and have another piece of birthday cake. Your ride on Saturday will make up for a months worth on cold/rainy races!

TK said...

i wish i felt that way, but thank you.

Brian said...

Kevin Wilbanks! Get the name right, Kakouris!

You raced fine. If some whiny Big Shark guy has a problem with your handling skills, it's no bid deal. He just wants you to be perfect so he'll have to do less work. This will allow him to save up plenty of energy for the finish where he will ultimately stab himself into a fourteenth place finish and earn 17 dollars for the trouble.

It's pretty common for weaker cat 1/2 racers to ride with stalwarts like Brad Huff, Joe Hill, and Kurt Fletcher at the back of the pack. Basically, these guys are so strong that they don't have to worry about being dropped. They can make up the gap.