Wednesday, April 30, 2008

riding the 'wood

since my program did not call for anything specific tonight, and it definitely didn't include the beatdown ride, i took it upon myself to do some off-roading at castlewood.

i pulled into the parking lot just before 6pm and there was marty, just finishing his ride. he looked a little beat, which is to be expected, because he, like me, has had very little actual mountain bike time. he said the trails were in great shape, and that they were packed with people. right on both counts.

weaving in and out of riders and hikers is commonplace at the 'wood. in any and every direction. i tried to follow the route that is supposed to be the race course on the 10th, but i'm not sure if they have solidified the course plans yet. no worries, i think i can remember my way around castlewood. in the dark. with a blindfold on.

it seemed pretty much like i couldn't do much wrong tonight. my skills were not as bad as i feared, and even though i had the rev limiter on, i felt like i was moving pretty well.

i plan to go somewhere again tomorrow, maybe there again, maybe lost valley, before i have to head into work. we'll see.

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