Sunday, April 20, 2008

mice and men, ad infinitum

my preparations for the hermann road race were going pretty well. i got out on saturday for almost two hours, doing my usual pre-raceday warmup. worked on the bike. changed tires.

actually, that pretty much ends the successful preparations. eli had let it be known on friday night that he wasn't going quietly. saturday, he kicked into high gear. crab. crab. complain. pitch a fit. crab. complain.

by 9:30, he still wasn't giving in. deanna and i were furiously trying to get everything together. we were supposed to pick up cristal and her daughter on the way, and that meant swapping the freestyle family truckster for the minivan. packing bags full of toys and food for the toddlers. water bottles. gu.

11:30pm was the witching hour. eli still had some kick in him, and we didn't. we called it a day. as nice as an 80 mile road race sounded with good weather, it sounded like torture after nearly two days of constant eli-patrol and a few stressful days at work.

the best laid plans, ad infinitum.

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Anonymous said...

craig and i got in 2hrs of off road out in st. chuck county today.

when are you gonna wise up and join in?