Sunday, April 06, 2008

two, again!

of course, there was the big question...what is eli's big present? do you need a hint? it's under this thomas the tank engine cover. no, it's not a train. although, he did get many train gifts from the family. thomas plates. thomas cups. thomas place mat. thomas fork and spoon. twains!! twacks! queen! bike race!
hanna just loves a good party! and she just came from a wedding to join us. it was quite the day for our junior party goer.

yep, you guessed it. the youngest kakouris boy now has his own bikes. he kept saying, "my bike race! my bike race!" hmmm. where does he get this stuff? this photo is directly after i pushed him down the driveway and knocked him over. oops. he got up, brushed his hands together and got back on. a lot tougher than me!

this says it all. he was so excited about the bike that he couldn't contain himself. we went up and down the street. he loved it.

the beautiful mrs k liked eli's new trek so much that she had to ride it herself. when asked if she would prefer it over her diva, she paused and then said that the diva matched her outfits better.

of course, with the whole family watching, there were the obligatory foot races. hanna won against all the youngsters, even in her flip flops! she met her match with me, however. yes, i am sore today. even grandma raced with the kids, and she was pretty good competition.

eli shed the bike and helmet and raced up and down the street, too. we encouraged this behavior with lots of hooting and hollering, secretly hoping for an early night-night. the neighbors must now fear the kakouris family get togethers.

back inside. there were also thomas books. and lightning mcqueen books.

there were cake in the face moments as well. why do my kids like cake in their faces? i don't know. we might have to get them checked out.

"you guys may have missed this, but mcqueen has a huge exhaust, and that there is the enormous h-pipe without catalysts. the mufflers are pushed WAY back and mounted sideways to make room for the multi-link suspension and the panhard rod. i'm sure this is up for debate, but he's probably running 4.11's or maybe even 4.30's, depending on which track he's set up for. if you move that little piece of icing out of the way, you'll even be able to check out the subframe connectors..."

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