Saturday, April 12, 2008

tilles park

after hemming and hawing around, the beautiful mrs k convinced me that i should go and give the tilles race a shot. the weather has me really down, so being out in it under stressful race conditions didn't seem like an answer. but, she's right about a lot of things so i did it.

i rode over to the race on my bike, complete with severe weather clothing. i looked like an eskimo. i was warm, though. mrs k and the kids registered me and brought my thf racing clothes along for me to change into. it was a great idea. after kisses and good lucks from the family, i lined up nice and warm and stayed that way during the race.

the wind was a factor, but thf guys were always in the front and always in the moves. nolan hit out on a great two man break with justin from the shark. when he was brought back, terry, austin and brian did more front work, with brian finally getting off for good by himself. i was satisfied with being able to stay at the front of the race most of the time and close gaps, and a nice last lap flier that dirk called a mike weiss glory lap.

a first and a fifth for the guys, and i got to parade my cool new clothes in front of my personal fan club. what more could i ask for?

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