Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sounds like a plan

eli has gotten into the habit of crawling out of his bed and coming into our room to avoid going to sleep. it gets us pretty upset, because we usually have already spent a half an hour or better trying to get him to go to sleep. one thing that keeps him from getting in big trouble is how cute he creeps in.

he grabs his pillow and blanket and drags them both along with him, seemingly so he can go to sleep in our bed with his "piwow" and "banky" and he calls them. tonight he just marched in, tossed his pillow and blanket down, sat down, threw on his micky mouse hat and began singing "micky mouse house." while deanna and i were laughing at him, i grabbed the camera, and he even stopped to say "cheeeeese!"

how long can you stay mad at that?

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