Saturday, April 26, 2008

tour of st. louis, carondolet

proof that i at least started the race, my ugly smiling mug. i was busy talking to ryan hermsmeyer about turbo's and such when i was summoned to pose for a picture. the beautiful mrs k took the whole slew of kids AND a tent to the park today, just so ghisallo and the thf team could have a cheering section. what a woman.
and while i was holding on like grim death during the race, hanna was enjoying the finer things in life (along with my jersey and tifosi glasses) in the parks natural surroundings.
we went second in the race, after what i thought was one of my better outings in recent years. i made some mistakes in the closing laps that could've helped terry seal the deal, and i'll have to work on that stuff. but, i had a great time racing with schvonzie. he's got a much better sense of the race than i do. he helped me out 20 times during the race to get my head where it needed to be, and i actually had the legs to put it to good use. my other team mates are strong as horses, so it's tough for me to even help them, which means i have to commit to hittin' it from the gun. hey, you only live once.

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