Monday, April 21, 2008

hot people carriers with good mileage?

i've been quietly pondering my life situation. i have kids, drive a lot, carry bikes and gear, and like reasonably fun, fast cars.....

that creates somewhat of a quandary. what to drive? so i've been paying attention lately to things that can satisfy all of my criteria, and there aren't many options that can do it all, especially not well. so i'll highlight some of the choices here once in a while when i think of them as "family worthy mini rods", or FWMR's....because, you know, pantera's don't haul much.

the 2008 hhr ss starts as a homely little people mover and gets transformed by a 260 hp turbo 4 and a lot of suspension works. add some good brakes, and you have the first FWMR. being a chevrolet, there are a host of aftermarket goodies straight out of the blocks to pump up the turbo and the suspension. it's a cavernous little wagon, especially with the seats down, tall and deep, and it'll lay strips of rubber like there's no tomorrow. gas mileage climbs as the boost gauge doesn't. it sells in the low $20k range.


neumann said...

despite our conversation about the speed3, i've been looking at dodge magnum r/t's as well.

kirk r said...

TK -
It STILL looks like a PT Cruiser!
Don't go there man!

TK said...

chris-the magnum is my all-time favorite wagon. i can't afford the gas in that thing!!!

kirk-what the hell? i know it's homely, but read the criteria! i'll post more options soon, but it's slim pickins!

kirk r said...

tk -
I understand it may have all the ammentities you are looking for + an engine with HP!

I just can't take the PT Cruiser.

Get one with the DVD player for the kids - makes traveling more enjoyable!

Good luck shopping!