Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wednesday night beatdown, 3rd edition

so the wed night rides keep rolling. we've had a lot of interest in our little battle royales lately, mostly because shawn o'neal talked it up like anthony and i were jan and lance brewing up a can of whoopass. that's not really the case. shawn really put the beatdown on us and we had to follow. anyway, several people have inquired about it, so it's no surprise that we had some extras along tonight.

returning for the wednesday night beatdown were myself, anthony, and devlin. shawn didn't come along this time, something about racing 3 times last saturday... but taking his place was the other thf realty rider at the store, schvonzie. and at the last minute, nice guy and furious pedaler john lynch rode up. now we're talkin'.

the beatdown starts faster and faster each week, mostly because i hate traffic and want to get out into the boondocks away from it all. pedals were mashed, climbs were climbed, wheels were sucked, gears were was a blast! it was the most fun yet. we all bragged when we were done about calories burned and average heart rates, you know, bike geek stuff. one of the most pleasant surprises yet was devlin hanging on this time until the bitter end. you gotta love progress.

which all means that anthony and i will have to find another night to ride together so we can have those nice, quiet, private rides where we kick the crap out of each other. maybe mondays??

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Rich Kisseloff said...

i'm going to have to join one of your beatdowns!!!