Sunday, April 06, 2008

hiking at cliff cave

since the weather was so nice this morning, it seemed a shame to do anything indoors. the kids haven't been digging for dinosaur bones in a while, so i thought...cliff cave. i had been reading a bit on the local message board about the trails at cliff cave, so i thought i'd revisit the place with the family.

cliff cave was the site of many off-road battles over the last 10-12 years. we haven't raced there in a couple of years, probably a combination of poor parking facilities and lack of interest by the cycling community. a lot of the cool trails have been flattened and smoothed. but, much is still there, and certainly much for the kids to enjoy hiking.

hanna and tyson were amazed by the caves and the rocks and the views there. we climbed up to and past the caves and into the mtn bike trails. there wasn't much mud at all, only in the typical places that always were left wet after rainy periods. we were able to avoid most of that stuff, even if we had to take excursions into the woods. eli walked much of it, but the beautiful mrs k and i both had to carry that little sack of potatoes more than once.

the kids finally got to digging for bones on the rocky side. there is so much cool geography there. really, it's everywhere at cliff cave. funny, i had never noticed how cool and dramatic some of the landscape was. after a nasty little yard sale by tyson (running on some wet, slick rock) and then by eli (running down the big asphalt hill!) we had seen enough. luckily, the ever prepared mrs k had a backpack full of snacks for us, which seemed to make the tears go away pretty fast.

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