Monday, April 21, 2008

weather cooperates, riding commences!

even though the beautiful mrs k and i didn't go to hermann, we did get in some riding. although we didn't do it together. she rode with cristal from the cycling club, and i rode by myself (sniff, sniff).

i rode home from ghisallo yesterday, although the extended southern route designed to add miles to the normal ride home. during this ride, i traveled up BA, the road outside of babler park. BA is perhaps the worst stretch of pavement in the wildwood area. it's horrid. actually, second to BA is just about any road or street in kirkwood and webster. it's pretty amazing that such affluent areas have such cracked up pavement. at any rate, from the 109/100 area i traveled a bit farther south, through the castlewood area, then through kirkwood and home. nice day, nice ride, a little tan going.

today i rode home from work again, this time from actual work, and with schvonzie. it's about 25 miles for me, but he rode with me for 3/4 of it and then turned back toward the store to get in his 3 hours. i got home in great time, perhaps fueled by having a riding partner, perhaps just happy to be riding in shorts and jersey two days in a row.

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