Sunday, April 27, 2008

tyson's 7th birthday party

ok, so maybe the cake on the face thing has gone a little far. it seems to be getting quite the mileage during the kids birthdays. on the plus side, it's probably not bad for the complexion.
he seems to know something here. either that, or he is trying to decide which piece of birthday cookie he wants. he got way too many presents from all of the fine children that showed up for the party. we just spoil kids these days. on the plus side, uncle keith beat the odds and became the only person to give to tyson's 529! woo, hoo! (two more kids, and 10-15 more years to go people! let's step it up!)

hanna and i didn't even get a chance to freshen up after the rainy crit. kevin drove us and our soaked bodies from the crit to tyson's extravaganza, stopping by starbucks for a little refreshment.

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