Wednesday, April 02, 2008

finally! wednesday night rides are back!!

well the weather cooperated enough for anthony and i to set out on our first wednesday night training ride of the year. still, 51 degrees and blustery wasn't ideal, but even a sissy like me has to get outside sometime.

we busted out right after we locked the doors and headed into wildwood. up wildhorse, up the subdivision and onto orville. then up eatherton and back to wildhorse. i was feeling plucky...downright fast, actually. could it be?

we then took wildhorse, down doberman and through the flats along the horse farms. we took turns pulling into the wind that had no direction except in our faces. hitting the long climb up wildhorse to hardt, it was confirmed...i was riding fast today.

you know those days where your legs and lungs just keep telling you "hey, dude, we're onto something that shift lever one gear higher" ? that was me today. i didn't mean to, but i was putting the hurt on anthony. he had ridden this morning and we had a busy day at work, so it was weighing heavy on him. we grouped back together going down hardt and ran into mitch the masher on the way down. while anthony and i were complaining about being cold, he had on shorts and no gloves. show off.

once we got back down to wildhorse, i had my interval workout to do. anthony stayed on my wheel through the whole thing all the way to old olive. he kept calling me names the whole way, and i took it as a compliment. it just seemed like i didn't really have much of a rev limiter.

once on old olive, i let it all hang out. yes, my intervals were over. but, so rarely do i feel this good, so i kicked in the small twin turbos that so rarely come to visit and hit it all the way past rhombachs. wow.

we trundled back to the store and immediately downed more water and a power bar. anthony was feeling bad, but he was very glad to have our first wednesday nighter out of the way.

i was sort of sad to see it go.

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