Thursday, March 27, 2008

where is spring?

i was really getting on a roll by riding outside. to and from work a lot.

now? not so much.

i need spring. we need spring. i think the midwest is really ready to be done with the rain and the cold. it's seriously tough to look forward to the next day when it's going to be another rain out.

on a bright note, it looks like hillsboro may go off under clear skies, if not warm ones. i don't get too excited about racing at 50 degrees, but it sure beats racing at 50 degrees and rain. as far as the mtn bike race at council bluff? probably not going to happen for me. i've already gotten my usda of mud and water...for the year. that would be usya, i guess.

my friend chris and his fiance have been here for a few days to visit and to pick up his new alma 29'er. it was so nice to reconnect with him. we were best friends for years and like all grown ups, we did our separate things. life is funny like that, though, and now it's like we just picked up the conversation where we left off. now, if he would just leave that boring old colorado where he lives and move back!


neumann said...

Wouldn't ya know that that's precisely what the topic of conversation was as we tried to go to sleep on our last night in town?

Never thought I'd say this but...what a fantastic visit back home.

TK said...

ha! st. louis isn't all bad. it was so nice to see you two. hope the drive home is a safe one.