Sunday, March 09, 2008

twain! choo choo! twacks!

saturday night we took the kids on a metro link ride. hanna has never been on our metro (she was on the trains in chicago for the marathon a few years ago) and eli is just busting to get on one. so the beautiful mrs k rounded us all up. here, eli is peering down the tracks at the arriving train. he is mesmerized.
they were all so excited to go! we had to keep a short leash on tyson, lest he thrust himself onto the tracks. mrs k is so tired that she is actually sleeping while saying cheeeez for the camera. i woke her when we got down town.

eli kept saying his three favorite words, over and over: twain! choo choo! twacks! choo choo! twain! twacks! and the hat just made me laugh at him all night.

hanna and tyson were just crazy with energy. we got off at union station and had a bite to eat, along with an obligatory fudge making show. we're suckers, we bought some. then it was time to board the choo choo and head back home.

the ride home began to take it's toll on the crew. hanna fell asleep against the glass. tyson, however, just got more goofy. this is his "i'm tired but i think i can stay awake if i can just reach ever higher levels of goofiness" look.

as we were getting closer to home, we called over to hanna to wake up. you may be able to see the red spot on her forehead from the glass. needless to say, they went right to be when we got home.

this little guy said the heck with it, he came, he saw, he rode the choo choo twains on down the twacks and called it a night while we were a few stops from home.

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