Thursday, March 06, 2008


for the first time in a couple of years, i took off work to go to a school function at hanna's school. i miss out on a lot of cool stuff because she lives out of town and i work weekdays. well, today was lunch with the parents, and i couldn't pass up cafeteria spaghetti.

hanna was so happy to see me, which gave me this extremely warm, fuzzy feeling. it's so fun to see her in her school environment. she's such the popular girl. we finished up a project in class (she suggested i draw a bike on construction paper and cut it out for the "town of the future" project they were doing) and rushed to the lunch room to beat the crowds. it was funny standing in line, getting junior sized plates, telling the nice ladies behind the counter what we wanted. not that there was much choice. spaghetti? yes. corn? sure. fruit cocktail or peaches? ummm... roll? yes! chocolate milk, white milk, or water? chocolate milk, of course! it really took me back.

after lunch, we played in the gym a little. since she's off school tomorrow, i decided that she should just come home with me. i'd just have to turn around and get her tomorrow anyway. she was soooo excited. so was i. we listened to disney rocks on the way home, ate pizza for dinner, and read a goosebumps book before bed.


neumann said...

Nothin' quite like school pasketti, carn, and fruit cocktail and then washing it all down with some chocolate milk. Good to see you showcasing your art skills again. Haven't seen them in action since...well I believe it was since the Whisenhand prostate sketch back at 6606.

Sounds like you 2 both had fun.

TK said...

lunch rocked. i was hungry, too.

i can still remember the story tom told us about his bagel-sized prostate, and the chick in the wheelchair that he brough home from the bar....

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Hanna Kakouris you are not funny