Sunday, March 16, 2008

mtb race at lost valley

crashing through the creek at lost valley on the trusty homegrown. it was really the only slop on the whole course. the conditions were nothing short of stellar. who would've thought??
about a 1/2 mile after the start, we careened down the gravel road from the hamburg trail. the photo does not do this hill justice, as we are doing 30mph? 42x11 MAXED OUT. i'm very proud of myself for pedaling down this thing as hard as i could. photos courtesy of bob arnold. thanks, bob!
it was an amazing turnout of experts today at lost valley. twenty guys showed up. wow! as a matter of fact, it was an amazing turnout altogether, with somewhere over 100 people. for a cold, possibly wet day in march, things couldn't have turned out better.
the start wasn't bad, being led out by the boys with cross bikes. i just tucked in and let them wisk us to the trail on the leadout road. we diced a little on the ensuing climb, then i took a gamble and hit out hard on the single track. chris and another fast young guy from indiana were the only followers, and we turned our advantage into a killer paceline on the gravel roads. i didn't feel the least bit taxed until i lost contact a bit on the single track. i caught back again on the road. we had built quite a lead at this point, and i wanted to stay with the tough young guys. after chris motored away on the single track again, i yo-yo'd back and forth with the indiana guy. in the end, i came in third, but i was extremely happy with the race. i gave it all i had, and felt like i was going pretty fast.
matt did a great job with the race. he made a very wise decision to hold the event, ever conscious of the threat of rain. i saw tons of old friends, including ethan, john f, kyle, john t, bryan, john was nice.
sparky, our trusty mechanic from the store, scored a second place in beginner on his new 29'er. i guess i'll have to bust him down until he races sport.
what a change from two weeks ago at st. joe!


Rich Kisseloff said...

Hey dude, great job today, or should I say day has not stopped yet. I came home from the race cleaned up and went to work. My legs were awful today. I guess I should've taken your advice and not done those five laps the other day. That Indiana cat is actually from St. Charles. Talk to ya soon.

TK said...

oooh, i don't think i could've worked a full day after this race. don't worry, use it for the next race. indiana, st. charles, botswana, what's the difference?