Sunday, March 02, 2008

i'm just a mean guy

when rosco gets excited, he runs for his little furry squeaky toy and starts chomping on it really hard. it squeaks and squeaks and he growls and comes right down to your feet to get you to play with him. eli thinks this is hilarious. so yesterday rosco gets all wound up because i'm tickling eli, so i got down on the ground and grabbed the squeaky toy with my mouth and began playing tug of war with him. eli goes crazy with laughter, and rosco it growling at me like mad. just as mrs k gets the camera, rosco stops cold. i knew that i must have yanked too hard...that always makes rosco pout, sort of like saying "hey, you're being too rough, dad!' so mrs k only got a shot of me consoling rosco...but eli was still laughing.

yeah, yeah...a cheap comic will do anything for a laugh. that's me.

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Dan Schmatz said...

Nice shirt!!!