Sunday, March 16, 2008

trivia night

long before we got involved with the trivia night at work, the beautiful mrs k and i had been to several trivia nights at our church. we've always had a good time, even though we've never won...or come close.

last night was the annual trivia night at church again. we invited a coworker, olivia, and her boyfriend to join us at our table. and we invited marty and cindy, too. to round out the table, we had hanna and max at the table.

well, we got last. i don't really have an explanation for that. i felt we did rather well. especially on really, really trivial stuff like superhero logos and sitcom living rooms. we always seemed to miss the dog stuff. and we weren't very good at some of the obscure st. louis trivia. and you know, if older st. louisans are good for one thing, it's old st. louis trivia.

i did win a plant as an attendance prize. there's always that.

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