Tuesday, March 25, 2008

riding, riding, riding

although i spent saturday and sunday on the trainer, i've been using my work commute for riding my bike a lot lately.

thursday, i rode to work, adding a bit to make the ride longer. friday, i rode home from work...mmm what a nice day. tail wind, too. monday, i rode home, freezing my tail off. i underdressed, and there was a mysterious east wind that hit me in the face all the way home. i ran into a friend of mine, greg, which made it more tolerable. and today, i rode to work.

riding to work today, i was trying to hook up with chris while he was here. we were to meet in west county, but we got our wires crossed and i had to go alone. so i got out to chesterfield and did my intervals there. in the wind. in the horrible wind. cross wind. head wind. never a tail wind. good workout, bad wind.

at least i was riding and not stuck in the traffic caused by the knuckleheaded truck driver on hwy 40.


Schvonzie said...

Was your wind as bad as the wind that day you were out here. Bet you didn't have a rock truck dumping shit on you. O yea, Tucson breaks you down.......and builds you back up.

TK said...

the gusts were as bad, but nothing can match that steady strong wind out there...nothing. that was epic, for sure.