Thursday, March 13, 2008

lost valley is perfect

i made it out to lost valley this morning, thinking it may be the only chance for a while to ride it when it's dry. as soon as i got out of the car and on the bike, my friend rich rode by. i caught up to him and we dove into the trail for a look see.

after a nice warm up on the gravel, we descended into the single track. it was perfect. none of the mud or slick stuff from saturday. no walking necessary. just smooooooth sailing! it was so fun. we talked about the race on sunday, and both of us were hoping that the rain would stay away.

rich was out for multiple laps, while i only had time for a lap and a half. i bid him farewell and cut down the middle gravel road to get back to the car. aside from a sinking rear tire, the bike was flawless.

never long enough, but it was great to be off road.

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