Tuesday, March 11, 2008

monday is ride from work day

oh, it's been so long! the beautiful mrs k and i drove to work together, but i brought the bike and clothes with me so that i could ride home. daylight savings time...gotta love it!

the wind was in my favor most of the way home. which was good, because the temps dropped from 47 to 40 on the way. my hands got cold. i'm such a sissy. it felt so good, though. i'm really looking forward to riding to and from work as the weather improves.

...and as the weather improves, maybe i can actually get off road! yeah! just think about it...warm temps, dry trail, shorts, no sleeves...yeah! god, i miss mountain biking. i so rarely get to do it anymore. i guess that's why i was compelled to ride the other day when the conditions weren't so good. i have some guilt about that. the trail builders work hard on the trails we have, and riding in those conditions is just hurting everyone. i've always told people to wait until conditions improve before they go riding, so i need to practice what i preach.

enough. i'm getting all worked up about riding when i should be sleeping.

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