Thursday, March 13, 2008

gather 'round

mrs k was checking out some bike racing on the web and elijah was into it. he'd say "go, go go!" and kick his feet.

he's the size of a running back, but he sure loves bikes. who knows, maybe he'll wind up like my mom, skinny as a rail and be a great climber? or maybe he'll continue to be chunky and he'll be sprinting against dan's son in about 15 years? i guess he could play football if he wants. although, someone would have to teach me the game...i'd hate to sit in the stands and root for the boy when i don't know what he's supposed to be doing.

i keed, i keed.


Schvonzie said...

Believe it or not, i played freshman football. Left out was my primary position. I gave it up after a year for cross country. The football team wasn't going to state, so i got myself there.

TK said...

i think you made the right choice. those baseball bats you call legs probably couldn't take a hit.