Tuesday, March 18, 2008

what a mess

over the course of the winter months, my work shop downstairs has become a mess. if you've followed along here, you've seen the revolving door of bikes that have come and gone. each time one comes, it's another bit of clutter. each time one goes, the clutter dissipates yet small pieces and parts are left behind to create my mess.

5 shock pumps. yes, each time you get a fork or a new full suspension bike, it comes with a shock pump. if you need one, let me know.

cable housing. every time you build a bike, you cut housing. small pieces too short to be useful get strewn about. same for brake and derailleur wire.

front derailleur. it seems like every bike uses a different one. top pull. bottom pull. top swing. traditional. 31.8. 34.9. braze. it's endless. i counted 8 front derailleurs.

seat posts. see front derailleur.

stems. see seat posts.

bottom brackets. square taper. octalink. isis. hollowtech. gxp. 68mm shell. 73mm shell. each one uses a different installation tool....in other words, see stems.

anyway, i did a whirlwind tour of the work area and straightened it up. i have committed to helping my friend todd build his bike, my friend chris will be in town for his new carbon 29'er, and i have yet to work on my brother in law's two bikes.

it's a regular bike shop repair area down there. i'd better get crackin'.


Schvonzie said...

Free Stuff!!!! I'll take a shock pump! Make sure i get a SHOCK pump, and not some other kind of pump.

TK said...

good lord, you're cheap. if i wrote that i was giving out free manure, i bet you'd be first in line....

neumann said...

You got manure?

TK said...

literally or figuratively?