Sunday, March 09, 2008

bowling party

bowling parties are big these days for kids birthdays. they're cheap and fun. this is the second or third one tyson has been invited to. the party kids bowled, then ate cake.
while the party kids ate cake, the girls, eli and me did a little bowling of our own. hanna and paije were just relieved that the shoes didn't clash too bad with their dresses.

eli was again astonishing us all with his rapid progress in sports. he really liked to carry the ball up to the line and let it crash to the floor (he says cwash) and watch it roll painfully slow down the lane. mrs k salvaged his mediocre game by rolling the second ball for him each time.

hanna, quite pleased with her multiple spares, was neck and neck with paije the whole game. they even had matching orange kids balls. i barely escaped with the win, only aided by the bumpers. it's probably cheating, but hey, it's better than a gutter ball.

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