Sunday, March 02, 2008

trivia night

last night was the trivia event at the store. there were tons of people! it was pretty amazing.

i rode my bike out to the store, not wanting to lose the opportunity to get out in the nice weather. it was windy, but warm enough to not make much difference. it's the first time i had been outside in 3 or 4 WEEKS! the trainer is a nice tool, but it just doesn't translate into much strength, regardless of how hard i work.

anyway, the folks started filing in about 6:30. some of the ghisallo club members came to help set up, which was fun. all said, there must have been over a 100 people there! some tables (i won't mention which ones) brought enough food to feed an army. unbelievable. and even though i leave quite a bit to be desired as far as my microphone skills are concerned, i only messed up a few of the questions, and was only threatened with being stoned once. (sorry about that rest stop question...i didn't make up the questions, really!!)

we raised a lot of money for the athlete fund and had a blast doing it. it never ceases to amaze me when i see what kind of great crowd we have as customers and friends and family. thanks to all of you who came. we appreciate it.

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