Sunday, March 30, 2008, seriously

is the rain going to stop soon? you know, i was trying to race bikes in 1993 when it rained every day, too. it began to get pretty old pretty fast, and you know how that turned out, right? we had a lot more to worry about than silly bike races. perhaps the sun will make a comeback.

the beautiful mrs k and i had planned to go for a ride today, since i bailed on the council bluff race. seems like i was right this time, but no one likes it when you say i told you so, so i won't say i told you so. anyway, we were going to head out to the store and ride from there, since her bike is there anyway. well, the mist and the doom and gloom clouds pretty much put the kibosh on that idea. i got on the bike anyway and headed to jefferson barracks so i could make a hasty retreat if it started storming. i was a little chilled from the mist but i took it like a man. mrs k decided that her run would be just as good if she ran there, too. so while i circled the park one way, she circled the running path the other way and we waved to each other when we crossed paths.

i figured i should make the most of my day and did my long threshold intervals, sort of to make up for not racing today, sort of to make up for (not) racing yesterday. they went very well. so well in fact, that i did some more efforts on my way home. upon plugging the ol' power meter into the computer, it spit out another power record. curious. it just goes to show that i am not at a fitness deficit, i am at a skills deficit on the road. something must be done!

and to reward ourselves for a job well done (i'm not sure what that means, maybe just because it's been a looooong, hard weekend) we loaded up the boys and ate at noodles. while i'm sure there are probably some places around st. louis that might make a really good beef stroganoff, this is the only one i know of. and i really like it. my dad used to take all darn day to make the stuff, and it was worth every minute then. this is not quite up to his standards, but i got a big order so i can eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! the kids got mac and cheese (naturally) and eli wrecked the place. i'm almost embarrassed when we leave an eating establishment, due to the carnage left behind by the little one.

rain, rain, go away...

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