Friday, September 01, 2006

Lafayette race

the big weekend is here. the kids have been anticipating it for weeks. tonights race was at lafayette square. hanna and tyson were suited up and excited to race. the beautiful mrs. k poses with the waiting athletes.
then, we were confronted with some weird bird-like creature, whom we were obligated to pose with. i was obviously shaken by the whole matter.

on to the race...

there were tons of kids there for the event. there were so many kids in the 5-6 year old division that they had to seperate boys from girls. hanna went first. she bolted away from the pack. she opened up a 6 or 7 bike lead...then stopped pedaling. she pedaled a little more. then stopped. the gap slowly closed, and a girl passed her. she got secondplace, which is awesome. she didn't quite understand that she had to keep going to win. we know she has the speed, just not the experience yet. tyson went next. there were lots of boys to contend with, but tyson kept going all the way to the line for 6th place. an unfortunate after-the-finish-line incident resulted in tyson doing a yardsale, but he's fine and has a good story to tell.

afterward, grandma, grandpa and pooper joined us for a recovery meal at the soda fountain. tomorrow should be just as exciting, and we're looking forward to some more kid krazy-ness.


Patrick said...

Ti, congrats to your kids for not screaming their heads off when being held by the penguin. My 4yo daughter wouldn't have ever gotten close to that thing, regardless of what frozen treats he's responsible for.

Ted M. said...

TK, I saw Hanna take the lead and stop pedaling - i wanted to yell out "go, go" but it was just so cute all i could do was laugh. killer bike she had! good luck at ghisallo.