Sunday, September 17, 2006

saturday with the kids

this was the dynamic duo after the moutain bike training day and before the soccer game. we did some more trails this time. i took them across the grotpeter field and across the creek to go back to the road. no, they didn't ride across the creek, but they did think it was fun to jump across on the rocks. they had a great time. i would yell out "rocks!" and "roots!" or "hill!" and they would repeat it. i'm getting so excited for them to eventually get real mountain-type bikes with gears and all. hanna is bugging me to get clipless shoes and pedals already.
this is after the soccer game. tyson's team ran over the other team, 2-0. i don't think the other team ever had the ball in green territory. he took the ball most of the way down the field and was within inches of scoring. on the way, he got a little rough with some of the kids. we're still working on the sportsmanship/aggressiveness ratio, which is important. in the photo, he is holding a bite of crunch bar, his reward for a good game.

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