Saturday, September 30, 2006


one of the kids snapped this shot of me today at the final race in the state off-road series. greensfelder is the mountain-top of technical off-roading in the st. louis area. rock, speed, climbs, and grinds. it'll grow hair on your chest, if you don't already have too much.

11 guys showed up for our little adventure today, all of them fast. notably absent was plochmeister, who was being a sissy because he just got back from vegas. so did i, dude! and i didn't want to race, either. baseball game till late tuesday night, flew out to the show wednesday, on my feet for 10 hours each day, then home at midnight last night. i was tired, but the kids wanted to see me race one last time this season, and i love greensfelder.

love/hate is more like it. i love it because it's hard, and i hate it because it's hard. this course will do it to you. bob arnold, after a blistering first downhill, crashed out on the second downhill. the kaiser sliced a front tire straight away, only moments into the race. rp blew everyone away by the time the first climb ended, and never looked back. i rode with mushmouth and john "i gots me a lightning pickup" rines until they both slowly crept away by the end of lap 3. laps 4 and 5, i was in slow, suffering cruise control. the kids yelling at me to keep going and holding up their "go dad" signs made me feel better, if not go any faster. not bad, but i would've loved to have done the race in better form. the good thing: not even close to crashing, even though i hadn't looped greensfelder in a year or so. maybe that's not good? maybe i was riding with my skirt on?

i'm looking forward to finalizing my mountain bike for 2007, and my trip to vegas has warmed up my creative juices to make it happen.

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