Saturday, September 16, 2006

another K-family training day

we loaded the escape down with all the bikes today to once again have a family training day at the 'wood. the escape resembled one of the cars from the dust bowl era. we had nearly every worldly possesion in the vehicle, including a picnic basket (with tuna...mmm) and lawn chairs. that orange bike sticks out like a 4th brakelight, doesn't it??
we rode with the kids (and uncle kevin and katie, too) first. then the beautiful mrs and i took off on our own. she was riding like a woman possessed today. she really jammed through the rough stuff and went really hard up the climbs. of course, she fell hard (always does) got mad at me for giving her advice on why she fell (always does) and continued on with more hard riding (always does). i love riding with her and i know she would be a great mountain biker if we could ride together more than once a month or so.

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