Saturday, September 23, 2006

history repeats itself

when i rumbled into the driveway tonight, rosco and rudy were unimpressed. they had, after all, seen it before. they have been around for the first '99, the '95, the '98, the second '99, and the '96. old news. next.
pooper was a bit more excited, or so it seemed. turned out to be gas.
it started to rain as i reached home, so this is all i was able to come up with as far as photos. but you get the picture. it's a 2001 gt convertible. it only has 32k on the odometer. great red, brighter than burgandy, with a black top and grey leather interior.

oh, how i missed my v8...

1 comment:

Daniel B. said...

Hot wheels! I like the roll bar. what'd you do with the Mazda?