Wednesday, September 20, 2006

riding to work

i used to ride to work in ucity and it took about 20-25 minutes. that was only 8 miles or so. this morning i rode to work and it took 1 hour, 22 minutes. that's because now i live 24 miles from work. the plus side? riding to work and riding home nets me a 48 mile day!

it was only 46 degrees when i left the homestead. pretty cold, especially since i have been used to riding in nothing less than 60 degrees for months. it was quite sunny though, and not much wind, so it wasn't bad at all. i was dressed well, probably over-dressed. i'll fine tune my clothing to the conditions as the fall goes on.

here's hoping for a nice ride home!


Schvonzie said...

Does "Dressed Well" mean a craft undershirt, 1 jersey, armwarmers, 3 vests, a jacket, knee warmers, and tights. Seriously, you are the king of overheating.

tk said...

oooooh, you know me too well. yes. i had all that on....maybe only one vest.

you're giving bloggers a bad name. no new info from cincinatti, it's a crying shame.

unovelo said...

B/c he is too BUSY!!!! (w/ what?!)
Seriously, he became a workholic and eating bad....
THOUGH, he's still trying to be THE MAN for his wife (& her father in-law....?!)

Hee, hee, hee!!!! ;-)