Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kfamily mtn bike training day

you'd think that the kids would be biked out from the long weekend, but no. when they heard i was going mountian biking monday at castlewood, they wanted to go. i wondered if they would be able to ride some of the trails out there. boy, could they!

upon arrving at the 'wood, hanna and tyson and i took off toward the river trails. momma k stayed with pooper. i rode with the kids through the big field and back into the trails along the river, tracing the short track mtn bike course. they were doing great and having a fantastic time. hanna was a little tentative at first, but really got the hang of it. they both got tripped up in the sand traps close to the river. we passed lots of bike riders and hikers along the way. i even took them to the scene of my accident and replayed the action for them so they could see that their dad is a bobble head and how not to ride.

upon arriving back at the campsite (blanket on the ground with picnic basket) i dropped off the kids with momma k and sped off for my own ride. i did a killer hour of loops that took me to every hill in the park. i felt pretty good and didn't want to stop, but it was momma k's turn to ride with the kids. she took the kids on the same route that i took them. i ate my sandwich and walked with pooper to put him to sleep. after deanna came back with the kids, they had stories of yard sales and near misses. mrs k then took off for her own ride. it was a beautiful day to be at the park. it was a bit sad to leave, as it was pretty much the end of our kfamily biking weekend.

by the way, sunday was also our 1 year anniversary, and the best way we could think to celebrate it was with our family, doing the things we love to do the most. an unforgettable weekend!!

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