Monday, September 04, 2006

winners at the Giro!

giro, giro, giro! while this staging alley may seem quite unorganized, it was only the first stage. once the kids got to the street, all was smooth. well, myself and a couple of other parents seperated the girls from boys, and the 5 year old boys from the 6 year old boys. genius!
once all the kids settled into their rows, i took a little time to say hi to some other parents and give hanna some last minute instructions. she was worried that her main competition, the girl that beat her on friday night, had a geared bike and she only had a single speed. i told her not to worry about it and pedal her heart out.

hanna rocketed off the starting line. she gapped the girls by several bike lengths, except for the geared-girl, who was about a bike behind. hanna kept building her lead on the pack, but geared-girl stayed a bike back. as the finish line approached, hanna found another gear of her own and pulled away for a convincing win! her first win! i ran down after her, and many hugs and high-fives insued.

meanwhile, the beautiful mrs k was giving tyson his racing instructions. after seeing hanna win, he was pumped! hanna and i couldn't see a thing with all the racers and confusion, but up the road tsyon launched a fantastic start of his own. he sped away from the field of 12 boys and built a lead that couldn't be touched! all i could see over the people's heads was tyson's blue helmet. i was pretty sure he was one of the first boys, but i had no idea that he won until he and mrs k worked their way through the crowd. we all jumped around with joy like a bunch of school girls.

the happy family. the kids were quite tough today, and were congratulated by their many fans. it's wonderful that so many people care about them and their endevours.


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