Saturday, September 30, 2006


while most people that went to the las vegas bike show took roles of film of all the cool bike stuff, i didn't. i hate carrying things. so, i decided to take shots of the city that my kids would like to see. this is the city from my hotel room at night. it turned out pretty cool, i thought.
we stayed at the mandalay bay hotel and casino. it is so big, that even the drive-up in front is monstrous, almost gothic. these ceilings are 30 feet high.
a nice daytime view of vegas. the luxor is the oddball pyramid building. the scale of these buildings is decieving, and only after you walk by them do you get a sense for the size. they literally cover acres and acres of land. and each new casino is trying to be more outragous than the last one built, in an ever escalating war of investors wallets. you have to see it, if only once.

we went to vegas for business. yes, there was shinanigans, but we had appointments and did real orders and made real deals. lots of people go for the cool stuff, but that wears thin pretty quickly. standout lines, to me, were orbea, titus, sram, hope, parlee, salsa, quintana roo...i could go on. i still love bike stuff, even after all these years.

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