Wednesday, September 20, 2006

don't-care legs

i don't know why, but my ride home wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the ride to work. maybe i was tired.

i got a new thomson stem to match my seatpost, a new X2. it's black and oh so cnc'd goodness. i think the look of fine cnc'd products is about the prettiest workmanship you can get.

i was hoping installing it for the ride home would spice up my ride. i did feel happy when i glanced down at it, but it didn't really do anything for my legs. they still went around in slow, tortured circles, as if i DIDN'T just put on a hot, sexy, cnc'd stem. they didn't care at all.

there are two kinds of don't-care legs. first, there are the kind that don't care how tired you are or how many miles you've gone or how many gaps you've bridged or who's chasing you or how big the hills are. they just don't care, and they keep going. we would all pretty much call those the "good" kind of don't-care legs. very rare, very elusive. the second kind of don't-care legs are much more common. these kind don't care if you've been training all year and doing a perfect peak program, or if you've just gotten a new cnc'd stem or a new titanium bike with your gosh darned name carved into the top tube by the hand of god. they just don't care, and they don't turn very fast or push very hard and if they could, they'd probably even go "poof" and turn into big-bird legs just so everyone could see just how much they don't care and give everyone a good laugh. i guess we'd all pretty much assume these don't-care legs are "bad".

it doens't take cnc machinist to figure out what kind of legs i had tonight.


unovelo said...

Distance / Temp / and most importantly....

"pitching rocks at a gardner snake and running like a school girl."

Running part may be the cause your fatigue!!!!!!


(so, your lungs are working fine now?)

tk said...

i can breathe in, i can breathe out...does that mean they work fine? i just need to be a man and learn to work with it. :)

Dan Schmatz said...


I am going to pick on you. What did you eat before the ride? What did you eat after? What did you eat a few hours before you rode home?


tk said...

before? granola bar with peanut butter and a dr. pepper. i ate a mcdonald's steak bagel after i got to work. 2 chocolate chip cookies around 2pm.

....i think i might know why i had the d-c legs....