Sunday, September 17, 2006

why oh why

seriously, i have no idea why i keep riding bikes off-road without suspension. i hate it. it is no fun. none. saturday was the worst mistake ever, riding the homegrown off-road.

yes, the homegrown. my street/mountain bike with slicks and a RIGID ALUMINUM fork. i did put on knobby tires for the adventure, but that was like putting a pillow on top of your head before a piano falls on it. after i rode with the kids and mrs k, i rode my training loop at the 'wood. my time for the long lap was 51 minutes...only a minute slower than with the rush. the kicker? i was so pulverized by the event that for a few minutes after i was done, i wanted to quit mountain biking. quit. stop. never do it again. that's how much i was punished. i actually slowed to a crawl when i came to some of the roughest stuff. ack.

give me suspension or give me death.

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