Sunday, September 03, 2006

washington avenue races

the whole crew came out to washington avenue for the second of the labor day weekend races. this one was not nearly as well organized as the first nights race. there was much confusion at the starting line, and the 5-6 year-old's were the worst. it really wasn't a race so much as a completely uncontrolled mass of children pedaling uphill. whether the organizers of the washington avenue race know it or not, the kids wanted to race, not parade up the hill. they didn't come out for medals (which every kid got) so much as actually wanting to race against friends and other kids. lots of people think that it is parents that push kids to do these things, but i can tell you there were four kids (pictured in photo) that begged to do these races for months.

that's my rant. i understand that the kids were not the focus of the event. but, for future reference...competitive kids exist...that's where competitive adults come from. remember that.

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