Friday, September 15, 2006


there she is. we finally got our zipp csc wheels today, and i put them on promptly. very cool. they are nearly 100 grams lighter than ksyrium sl's, even though they look like normal spoked wheels. actually, it's not done. i have a stem coming, then it will be done.

with my training tires on, the bike came in at 17.09 will be very easy to break into the 16's with anything resembling a racing tire, and anything that isn't a third-world-country bottle cage.

sexy, sexy, sexy, i say.

1 comment:

unovelo said...

If the Sexy Litespeed gets PG since it's so sexy, the mini-sexy-litespd will be your Princess's ride?!?!?!

Man!! Both bike and Princess have your DNA.... They must be VERY FA~~~~~ST!!!!! ;-)