Sunday, September 24, 2006

sunday is no day of rest

sundays around our house are not rest days. and i don't mean rest from working out, i mean rest, period.

the mrs. and i (and pooper) started the day by going to church. top down even though it was a dreary day because if you own a convertible you have to become one of those weird families that drop the top each time the car is driven. otherwise, a quiet guilt begins to creep over you as to why you have purchased such an impractical automobile and you begin to search the want ads for more family friendly rolling coffins, er, has been a bit nicer lately since we don't have to spend it in the cry room with poops. he goes down to the nursery and plays with the nice people there. the girls there seemed to really enjoy pooper and we are more than happy to deposit him there for an hour of peace and quiet, er, i mean a peaceful sermon....

after church, the little guy was way crabby and we were way hungry, so we went to bread company to eat. poops went right to sleep, so we had a nice, quiet lunch. the day really did start off well! after lunch we wanted to get some things done, like clean deanna's car, which has done a lot of moving duties and transports the lawn mower over to mom's house every couple of weeks. it's amazing how quick a car can go to hell when you put lots of stuff and kids in it every day. that's when pooper started in. he was so crabby. he was sooooo crabby. aaaaaaarrrrgghh.

i also needed to clean up the mazda for delivery to it's new owner. yes, i sold it one day after buying the 'vert. yay, me.

finally, after the beautiful and crabby mrs k put the cute and crabby elijah down for a late afternoon nap (she fell asleep too!), i was able to get out onto the bike. i did a new loop that i really like, down into fenton and back. as i was pedaling through tapawingo, i came upon 3 deer that could have been lawn ornaments. as a matter of fact, i thought they were, as they let me get within 6-8 feet before they moved! i got honked at by a guy on 141, who then drove through valley park on marshall road and stopped off at the liquor store there to get his favorite beverage that he was probably already enjoying. i was glad i didn't give him the finger when he honked at me. he was 6'6'' or so, drunk, and pretty stupid looking. precisely the kind of guy i would piss off, it's just my luck. i pounded up marshall road instead of taking a pounding. probably a better trade off. i was tired when i was done, having ridden about 45 miles or so with some good climbs.

home and showered, i took tyson for a ride in our new drop top. he and hanna so enjoyed the cobra 'vert, and he was very happy that we now have another. we went to target (i usually don't spend $100 there, but $14 is some kind of record low!) and i opened up the v8 on the way home so tyson could grow up right in the world knowing the difference between v8 power and 4/6 cylinder pretenders. mrs k had spaghetti and meatballs ready for me when i got back, my reward for having married the right woman. kids in bed, deanna took pooper in the running stroller for her evening run, and i set about putting my custom hitch on the mustang for my bike rack. i almost finished it, but i need some self-tapping screws to finish it up. nothing says "idiot" louder than having to shove your bike into the back seat of a convertible. it's just not right.

another shower, crabby pooper finally in bed, i can write about all the drivel that fit to print, and then some.

nope, sunday is no day of rest.


Fingerbang said...

You're living the dream, man. Try to fit your bike into the cab of a Miata...non-possible! Mustangs rule!

How long will it be until you upgrade yourself to the current crop of Mustangs? You know you want those round headlamps.

tk said...

funny that you should ask about the new mustangs...i test drove a beauty. black, 5 speed, red leather. it cost 12 grand more than this one, so the decision was made. rockefeller is not a relative.

Ted M. said...

TK, there are good pictures of Hanna and Tyson during the Gateway kids races in SwimBikeRun magazine - maybe you already know.

tk said...

yeah, the kids were so jazzed about that! what a great experience.