Sunday, October 01, 2006

where the heck

has the ASIAN SENSATION been???


Ted M. said...
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Ted M. said...

I've been wondering the same thing.

Justin is still getting ready for Downer's Grove.

Austin is stuck at 18:06.

Aaron's fitness is gone.

Rusty is still in Sedalia.

Luke is still in KC.

You and Schmatz are keeping it going, though!

p.s. - dang, I hate not being able to edit these comments!

Daniel B. said...

Haha. Been patiently waiting for the replies of the two "20 Questions" I sent out... Mike "micro" Lange, and Dave Breslin. Neither of which have replied. Well, Breslin has, he said something about being in Boston at the moment.

Besides that, I've been too distracted by the 2007 Scott cataloge to give mind space to much else. The "Spark" and the "Addict" are ridiculous bicycles! And ridiculous expensive!

I was this close to going to InterBike, but didn't make it. Disappointed, I drowned my sorrows by attending the Rams game at "the dome" Sunday night... that was pretty cool.

Good job at the Greensfelder race! That's a tough course. I thought John Rines was MIA??? Did RP get to the dope controls after the race?

tk said...

i'm waiting for the 20 questions, too!

rp (gary) didn't have to go to doping. he's 100% natural, he and his brother ace.