Friday, October 20, 2006

sing bling in the spring

the fine folks at industry nine were kind enough to send us a pair of their ultra fine industry nine mountain wheels. we rapped with them at the las vegas show and the kaiser, of course, was the first recipient. they aren't crazy red like the ones in the photo...they're all black with stan's 355 rims and they are LIGHT. the kicker? they are strong, too.

they don't give the wheels away, that's for sure. but, strong, unique, light, and super cool never cost peanuts.

i ordered a pair for my mountian bike, too, but i made the mistake of asking for blue hubs to go along with the blue highlights on the oiz...i was paid back for my frivolous aesthetic feat of fancy by having to wait several more weeks for that. bah. i think i will switch to black so that i can have cool wheels like the kaiser. anthony b is in worse shape: he ordered road wheels built with zipp 303 rims and is being rewarded with a 3 month wait!!! we ordered more stock road wheels for the shop from I9, and those will also be a while.

i guess the shop will being blinging in the spring with cool wheels, but not much before!

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