Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the President, in (almost) Full Glory

this is what excess is. never mind the cheap ritchey stem, that's for sizing purposes. the rest of this bike screams "Exotic" like an Enzo or a Murcielago, only it's probably more reliable. Some lucky individual will plunk down $14k or so and ride off blissfully into the sunset. Either that, or hang it on the wall of his entertainment room and brag to his buddies that he has the sexiest bike on earth.


Robert said...

But would he race it in a local crit? Stranger things have happened I suppose.

Patrick said...

Dude, I just saw this on eBay tonight...what a bummer of missizing - oops...or did the customer's wife ask him not to drop 12-14k on "just a silly bike"? ;)