Wednesday, October 04, 2006

oh yeah, bike riding with me is dangerous to your health

i was able to get a small ride in sunday with the kids. it's really not as slow as you might think. we rode over to wilmore park to look for dinosaur bones. not bones, really, just stuff. the kids like to dig around in the dirt, and whenever we find anything of note, we usually deem it a tooth or a bone or something like that. it's good fun and the kids get all excited about it. we rode over to some large dirt piles in the corner of wilmore along the river desperes and dug away for a while.

monday was a bust, riding just wasn't in the cards.

tuesday was a different story. since i start work late on tuesdays, i left home early to eventually ride myself to work. i took big bend out to castlewood, out keifer creek, up st. paul, to ridge road, then to old state, up 109, up melrose to 100, 100 to t, down osenfort and out wild horse until i got to the flats outside of chesterfield airport road. st. pauls hills were ok, melrose was not as tough as i remembered...i bonked on the flats about a mile from work. i don't know what hit me, just poooooof. it was a bit warm, and i was running on pepsi and granola bars from about 7am, so no lectures, mr. schmatz....

today i worked early, but still had the bike at work. so, after work, i suited up and did a few miles with anthony and kyle. i kept telling anthony that i was going easy, but he didn't believe me. every time he got winded, he told kyle and i that we were supposed to be going slow. those times i would just let him lead. soon, all that went out the window and we were jammin'. we even did some lead-out sprint things in the closing miles, and anthony was totally down with that. it's impossible to go slow with me around, i'm an infectious disease.

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