Saturday, October 07, 2006

date night again

the beautiful mrs k and i were able to do datenight again tonight. the older kids gone, grandma and grandpa watching pooper, we were free to hit the town. well, free to see a movie anyway. we set out to see the departed. looked good, we thought. but we misread the movie times, and ended up too late for that movie. we looked up at the schedule of flicks and since texas chainsaw masacre was not on mrs k's must-see list, we chose school for scoundrels.

we had no idea what this movie was about. none. never saw a preview. turns out, it was really good. billy bob thornton and the napolean dynamite character were the leads. and, ben stiller made a cameo. very funny, great plot twists, me and the mrs give it two thumbs up each!

earlier in the day, we made the rounds. hardware store, target, grandma's, rally's...oh, and we got in a ride, too! i was pretty pooped from this morning's ride, but i knew the mrs really wanted to go, so uncle keith and papa let pooper watch the game with them so we could go. the mrs is improving quite a bit, and she laid it all out on the ride today. we rode 20+ miles and quite fast, too. if we could ride more, she'd be a great rider.

as a side note, helmets are good. why don't adults wear helmets??

somehow, a trip to target cost $100, on the nose. how did that happen? i kid you not, the list called for baby food, bleach, vinegar, and something to hang coats on in the laundry room. soon, i had things piled into the cart that barely fit. this time, it was my fault, not the mrs. i'm telling you, STAY AWAY from that place! how did i leave there with two different types of clothes hangers and a level? why were there plastic storage containers in my cart? and a laser thing that tells you distances like the professional contractors use! and we didn't even get the thing to hang coats!!! it's cursed, i tell you! i don't call it the $100 store for nuthin', you know....


Robert said...

Great example TK. Keep it up, you are really challenging me with my home life.

tk said...

oooh, sorry, man. i'm just trying to get by with 25 hours worth of stuff to do in a 24 hour day!