Friday, October 20, 2006

and even more decadence

the colnogo president graced our humble store this week as well. no, not the president of colnogo, the colnogo president bicycle frame. this is the mac daddy of colnogo's. the cream of the crop. top of the mountain. the steak AND the sizzle. if you have to ask how much it costs...well, you know the rest.

the president's partner in crime showed up as well, the classic C50. this has been my favorite colnogo for a while. lighter and, in my humble opinion, more elegant than the president, it has long been a benchmark for ride quality. everyone should ride one of these at least once so they can see how the other half lives. sort of like staying the night in a luxury hotel. or riding in first class on a charter jet.

some people have celebrities as their fantasy world...i have cool bike stuff as mine.


Patrick said...

So which did you buy for your arsenal...or did you ge both? ;)

tk said...

no way! i just bought the orbea's. the purchasing frenzy has ended for the forseable future. the mustang needs some blinging wheels!

Patrick said..., or that new cx bike you now "require". :)

tk said...

er, yeah, about that....they'll be a smashing orange euskatel-colored orbea cross bike here in a few there a bike-porn addiction 12-step program?

Patrick said...

Well...if one of the 3rd step of AA is to "make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God", let me know to whom you turn over your bike collection! ;)

tk said...

whoa, that was really funny, patrick!